Golden Gate Properties Ltd.

Golden Gate Properties Limited is a public limited company based in Bangalore. The company embarked on its journey in 1997 and has since developed acclaimed projects across the residential and the commercial space, spanning the horizons of Bangalore and Hyderabad. These projects have earned Golden Gate a stellar reputation as a leading real estate developer of South India.

Customer Speak

Ongoing Projects

  • I am happy with the current Service on the paperwork done. Shirina is very responsive and provides timely responses. This helps us to act accordingly.
    - Vijay V Maladkar : Golden Panorama - 2086
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  • One of the key features of Golden Grand is its location... close to railway station, metro station and many other places...and still slight away from bustling traffic...Overall design of GG is aerodynamic and we can feel lot of air flow throughout the day. They also promise quite range of amenities...
    - Senthil : Golden Grand - MA 1804
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  • Firstly I will be very much thankful to you & your team for excellent work done within a very short span of time. I very much appreciate your co-operation in giving us the opportunity of occupying our flat ASAP
    - Shreesh G : Golden Grand - FB - 1003
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  • CRM Team: Very responsive and good communication. I was well informed by the team and special thanks to Ms. Seema and Mr. Rajesh for all the assistance provided. Site assistance: Good support from Anthony at the site in completing the work.
    - Pradeep Rao : Golden Blossom - SG 1307 / SG 1308
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  • Smooth registration process. I was happy with the paperwork from the beginning - July 2008... payment, receipts, communication. Good apartment layout. Open to modifications as per project planning.
    - Saujanya Das : Golden Palms - B1 - 401
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  • What I like about Golden gate is, Luxury Look - Elevates the Entire Neighborhood, Vibrant Color Great Design - Comfortable, Enviable, Forever, Priceless, Luxurious Amenities Great People - Trust, Quality and Good Return
    - Mukesh Bhosle
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  • I Can Sum Up The Experience As One That Of A Friend Dealing With Another Friend. The Promoters Are Customer Friendly, And Hence The Term Friend In Place Of Promoter. The Construction And Promised Delivery Were Perfect. The Location And Govt Related Clearances Were Perfect.
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