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Golden Gate Properties Limited is a public limited company based in Bangalore. The company embarked on its journey in 1997 and has since developed acclaimed projects across the residential and the commercial space, spanning the horizons of Bangalore and Hyderabad. These projects have earned Golden Gate a stellar reputation as a leading real estate developer of South India.

Golden Gate's expertise has been high-end residential projects catering to higher middle-class clientele. Since setting sail, Golden Gate has executed 16 residential and commercial projects covering an area of 7 mn sq.ft.

Golden Gate is a wholly integrated, end-to-end, real estate developer. This allows the company to set the highest standards throughout the construction processes. To maintain a golden standard of quality in its projects, Golden Gate collaborates with acclaimed talent in architecture and landscaping.

Golden Gate difference

Golden Gate is an end-to-end integrated construction company. This means that the company does not have to depend on a third party through any stage of the development process - from land acquisition to marketing a finished project. This allows us a tighter control on quality and a closer connect with our customer. The company has a strong team of dedicated professionals, in the fields of Engineering, Finance, Management and Marketing. The team thrives on its mission to “leave not a single customer dissatisfied”.

This drives the team to pursue a Golden future for one and all associated with the company.


The Golden Gate vision is to cater to all segments of the society through various real estate products. Right from affordable homes to high-end homes to holiday homes, Golden Gate will have a product for every need of the customer and for every type of customer.


Golden Gate will rely on its expert, in-house teams end-to-end, while collaborating with the best expertise in architecture and design while using efficient and effective practices. Golden Gate will use its team’s expertise, to deliver residential and commercial projects that will leave no customer unsatisfied.


Golden Gate has developed expertise in all aspects of the residential conceptualisation, development and sales cycles by adopting the following strategies.

Land Identification & Acquisition

Through an internal land acquisition department, as well as an extensive local broker network and a comprehensive acquisition strategy, Golden Gate acquires attractive sites at attractive basic costs. All sites are strategically located near emerging IT & ITeS submarkets or residential catchments with quality access to IT & ITeS locations. Golden Gate has acquired sites near upcoming infrastructure developments that generate early demand, such as Sarjapur, Devanahalli - the area around Bangalore International Airport.

Project Execution

To date, all Golden Gate projects have been executed using in-house construction capabilities, with a team of numbering 400 professionals and growing. Having an in-house construction team allows the company to develop projects not only at lower costs but also gives it the flexibility to mobilize labour and machinery across various project sites as required. Golden Gate’s in-house team is led by experienced and acclaimed professionals with decades of combined experience, in both the public and the private sectors.

Project Marketing

Golden Gate prides on its expert marketing department of centralized and on-site staff. Besides using third party agencies to market its projects, Golden Gate expects to expand its own internal marketing team. The team has used innovative marketing techniques such as signing up Bollywood celebrities as brand ambassadors for the Golden Grand project, generating significant visibility for the project and the Golden Gate brand. In response to an exciting, increasingly-competitive Bangalore market, Golden Gate also collaborates with leading marketing agencies.

Customer Care

Golden Gate has a stalwart customer-care team that’s responsible to our customers from the sales through the delivery stages of a project. Golden Gate manages each project for one full year after delivery, before handing over maintenance to the respective condominium society. This helps ensure the quality maintenance of the premises and cements customer trust.


Golden Gate replicates models across projects and across various cities. It standardizes market-tested quality processes across architects and consultants, products, technologies, marketing agencies and collaterals. Golden Gate is committed to pursuing excellence in construction quality, while keeping costs in check.


Golden Gate implements complete mechanization and technology-driven operations through modern technologies such as MIVAN shuttering technology and Precast construction. This improves quality, reduces construction time, reduces waste, and reduces the risk of short supply of labour or material.

Projects designed in a manner to allow for quick execution and delivery thereby saving interest payments, allowing quicker collections while ensuring higher quality.
Value engineering by control of specifications.

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Partner with Golden Gate

Golden Gate has partnered / associated / is willing to partner with established/aspiring architectural/planning/consulting firms, who bring to the table refreshingly innovative concepts and skills, which help add substantial value in the conceptualization, design, development and delivery of the projects envisaged.

Our core values are trust, transparency and quality. Our Partners/Investors extend their full support to us for the organisation to practice these values in every aspect of the business. They are as driven as we are, and they support us to deliver only the best for you. We are a responsible and sustainable business, thanks to the support given to us by our partners.


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